Linked by Eugenia Loli on Tue 20th Jul 2004 18:50 UTC, submitted by Jono Bacon
Linux Jono Bacon has written an article on my O'Reilly Blog called The path to unified interaction which looks at the challenges of making our software work natively in the different desktop environments on Linux. Do you think this is something we should strive for, and if so, do you think it is technically possible?
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RE: Market forces will solve this dilemma
by Alberte on Tue 20th Jul 2004 19:53 UTC

Gaim is not better than Kopete, konqueror gets improvements from Apple (the khtml code does) and openoffice should be DE agnostic, since it uses its own toolkit.

KDE feels faster thatn Gnome 2.6 and uses less memory, which is ironic because KDE is written in C++. At this point, Qt is still a much better toolkit than GTK+, but I hope they'll get it right (e.g. back to the speed of the 1.2.x days) before 3.0 comes out. And it annoys me that people like Havoc Pennington push their agenda all the time, for example pushing Epiphany which is crap instead of Galeon, or his metacity piece of junk.