Linked by Eugenia Loli on Tue 20th Jul 2004 18:50 UTC, submitted by Jono Bacon
Linux Jono Bacon has written an article on my O'Reilly Blog called The path to unified interaction which looks at the challenges of making our software work natively in the different desktop environments on Linux. Do you think this is something we should strive for, and if so, do you think it is technically possible?
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Big Class Factory
by Yamin on Tue 20th Jul 2004 20:03 UTC

Well what the author is essentially talking about here is a lit of components. Each component is of a specific interface. The user can then set a default component for each interface.

Some pseudo code for this might look like:
save_location = Factory.getDefaultComp(intfFILEDIALOG);

and so one and so forth. This could also be hidden from the user as in JAVA. Whereby you just create the filedialog yourself, and the 'look and feel' adjusts the dialog appropriately.

In either case, its not a technical challenge, but one that will bash everyone's brain in as they try to develop all the interfaces. Hopefully if they do that, it works out better than just changing the colour and the font.