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Linux Jono Bacon has written an article on my O'Reilly Blog called The path to unified interaction which looks at the challenges of making our software work natively in the different desktop environments on Linux. Do you think this is something we should strive for, and if so, do you think it is technically possible?
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>> Gaim is not better than Kopete, konqueror gets improvements from Apple (the khtml code does) and openoffice should be DE agnostic, since it uses its own toolkit.

well openoffice is getting a big push for GNOME integration. meanwhile, KOffice has fallen far behind.

Kopete may be as good as Gaim but it gets 5% of the press. that matters.

Konq is decent but it is not as good as Mozilla and once again, gets 0.05% of the press.

sorry, unless KDE comes out with an end-user app that absolutely blows away anything on GNOME, gets good press for it, and stays out in front, KDE is on a long downward trend.

now as to why the big firms all lined up behind GNOME - likely they did not want to put TrollTech in control. regardless of the extra KDE environment on top, its Qt that drives the system and that means TrollTech drives the system. Unlikely that all of these other firms are going to assent to that.