Linked by Eugenia Loli on Tue 20th Jul 2004 18:50 UTC, submitted by Jono Bacon
Linux Jono Bacon has written an article on my O'Reilly Blog called The path to unified interaction which looks at the challenges of making our software work natively in the different desktop environments on Linux. Do you think this is something we should strive for, and if so, do you think it is technically possible?
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by A nun, he moos on Tue 20th Jul 2004 21:54 UTC

"SuSE didn't buy Ximian, Novell did."

Right, sorry about that slip of the tongue.

"And you clearly haven't seen any shots of the Novell Desktop yet."

No, I haven't, but I'd be interested to have a look. Do you have any links?

The point is that no amount of corporate push is going to get rid of either DE, just like no amount of Microsoft FUD will get rid of Linux. I think it's better to try to coexist and work for a convergence of theme engines so we can make both desktop so visually similar that they look virtually identical.

Again, I have nothing against Gnome, I used it for about 6 months. But I find that for my personal taste, KDE is better, faster and more complete. So why would I, a Mandrake user, change even if RedHat and Novell are pushing for Gnome?