Linked by Rahul Gaitonde on Thu 22nd Jul 2004 18:23 UTC
Window Managers IceWM is a lightweight window manager for UNIX-like systems. Although widely used, it is often underrated - there is hardly any IceWM-related content on the Internet. This article is my attempt to share my experiences as a longtime IceWM user. It contains tips and tricks, usage scenarios, and makes use of examples whenever possible to better demonstrate IceWM's features and capabilities. Finally, the article is meant for those with some familiarity with UNIX, but who are new to IceWM.
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by Russell Jackson on Thu 22nd Jul 2004 22:33 UTC

Doesn't turning over almost all of your visible screen space to a pretty picture acknowledge that the window manager is nothing more than a glorified program launcher? I really don't care if it is the "Unix way" or not, or if icons are covered by other windows. The space is there waiting for effective use to be made of it. Perhaps icons don't represent the best approach, but surely not using the space at all is counterproductive.

A window manager manages windows, hence its name. It draws the border around each window and handles events regarding said windows. Many window managers do support some form of program launching, but in my opinion shouldn't really be in the window manager. A seperate program should be responsible for that. Then again, I'm a purist when it comes to these things. If you want to do something with the root window, there are many other programs to do that, but it is not the domain of the window manager.

The window manager is intergal part of the X11 client/server architecture. You can't just do away with it as many people seem to not understand.