Linked by Rahul Gaitonde on Thu 22nd Jul 2004 18:23 UTC
Window Managers IceWM is a lightweight window manager for UNIX-like systems. Although widely used, it is often underrated - there is hardly any IceWM-related content on the Internet. This article is my attempt to share my experiences as a longtime IceWM user. It contains tips and tricks, usage scenarios, and makes use of examples whenever possible to better demonstrate IceWM's features and capabilities. Finally, the article is meant for those with some familiarity with UNIX, but who are new to IceWM.
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RE: Sooo ...
by Anonymous on Thu 22nd Jul 2004 23:37 UTC

"Besides the speed, does this thing have any pratical advantage feature-wise over the competition? It doesn't support desktop icons, which is one strike against it ;) "

Probably, not for you.

It's a no-nonsense wm, i like it, i can do anything that i used to do with those other 2 bloated behemoths. I got my icons on the taskbar (bar in auto-hide), the main menu only contains what i need, i got the time, the date, a net and cpu monitor that comes by default, and speed. What else do you want? I don't need eye candy, little birds in the desktop; icons on the desktop? i already got icons in the taskbar. Screen pictures in the background that are gonna be covered 5 seconds later by the apps? Puleeze!