Linked by Rahul Gaitonde on Thu 22nd Jul 2004 18:23 UTC
Window Managers IceWM is a lightweight window manager for UNIX-like systems. Although widely used, it is often underrated - there is hardly any IceWM-related content on the Internet. This article is my attempt to share my experiences as a longtime IceWM user. It contains tips and tricks, usage scenarios, and makes use of examples whenever possible to better demonstrate IceWM's features and capabilities. Finally, the article is meant for those with some familiarity with UNIX, but who are new to IceWM.
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Re: Just switched from GNOME (OT)
by Felix on Fri 23rd Jul 2004 04:21 UTC

I had the latest ROX completely nuking my share-mime info gnome 2.6 needed, so I am weary of it now.

Really? Interesting. But considering that Thomas Leonard wrote both shared-mime and ROX-Filer, I suppose you ought to be wary of Gnome. If you can find the cause (whether in shared-mime, ROX or Gnome), you might want to file a bug. (Also, are you sure it was with shared-mime? Gnome and ROX try to be compatible with icon themes, but fail badly, so when I run Nautilus 2.6.something under ROX-Session I don't get any icons.)

Also, what is the 'latest ROX'? 2.0.1 (stable)? 2.1.2 (developer)? CVS? (If you or anyone else wants to try ROX out (again), I would recommend 2.1.1 at /uri/0install/ or the CVS snapshots at /uri/0install/ IME there were a few showstopper bugs in 2.1.2.)