Linked by Sharif Islam on Fri 30th Jul 2004 08:28 UTC
Internet & Networking I had been an avid user of Pine for almost five years. Recently, I decided to move to a greener posture. I dumped my good old Pine and settled with a graphical client. Although, sometime I miss the simple, fast, text based interface, the new relationship is shaping up to be an exciting one. We have our bad times, but overall I am happy with the switch.
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re: wallah, re: mail clients and rich mails
by tech_user on Fri 30th Jul 2004 09:14 UTC

i think the author, Sharif Islam, actaully meant "Wallah".

the only reason i use a gui mail clients is to easily read HTML and other rich formats. sometimes very rarely HTML mail is useful. (such as monthly wghats-on mails from the National Portrait Gallery, UK), for example.

i use Evolution but it keeps crashing on me. i use it in the hope that one day it will be able to do task and calander sharing easily.