Linked by Sharif Islam on Fri 30th Jul 2004 08:28 UTC
Internet & Networking I had been an avid user of Pine for almost five years. Recently, I decided to move to a greener posture. I dumped my good old Pine and settled with a graphical client. Although, sometime I miss the simple, fast, text based interface, the new relationship is shaping up to be an exciting one. We have our bad times, but overall I am happy with the switch.
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Mutt Secure IMAP
by David Mackintosh on Fri 30th Jul 2004 17:26 UTC

In your .mutt/muttrc:

set folder="imap://username@server:993"
set imap_keepalive=60
set imap_forcessl=yes
set imap_authenticators="LOGIN"
set imap_user=username
set spoolfile="imap://username@server:993/INBOX"

If your username includes an @ sign, change it for a % example:

set folder="imap://"

Of course it goes without saying that your mutt must be compiled both with SSL and IMAP support.

And the best part? All this works under the cygwin port of mutt, too! Just because you have to use windows is no reason to deny yourself a decent mail client!