Linked by Nicholas Blachford on Wed 11th Aug 2004 07:53 UTC
Editorial Computers are complex systems but it's a mistake to assume they need to be complex to use. However, usability is not as easy as it may first seem. It is a different discipline from software development lacking the strict logic or having a "right way". There are only differing requirements and differing collections of guidelines. Making things easy is difficult.
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RE: The best thing he said
by Isak on Wed 11th Aug 2004 10:17 UTC

There is no such thing as a 'power user'. I consider myself very experienced in computers, I'm a developer and I often use the command line. This would probably put me in the "Power User" category.

Does this imply that I must have 200 options to control every possible aspect of my music player, when all I want is for it to play some songs while coding. The "Power Users" category doesn't exist! If I was forced to configure everything down to the last pixel, then I wouldn't get much productivity done on the computer, and I could just as well been watching TV, or doing something other.

I believe that many so called "Power Users" agree with me. But of course there will always be people who don't.

Just my thoughts...