Linked by Nicholas Blachford on Wed 11th Aug 2004 07:53 UTC
Editorial Computers are complex systems but it's a mistake to assume they need to be complex to use. However, usability is not as easy as it may first seem. It is a different discipline from software development lacking the strict logic or having a "right way". There are only differing requirements and differing collections of guidelines. Making things easy is difficult.
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Companies vs. OpenSource
by logicnazi on Wed 11th Aug 2004 12:47 UTC

Also, in line with my other comments I think it is inappropriate to critisize opensource software for being 'less useable' or similar. The fact of the matter is that they are developing software for a differnt market so it shouldn't be surprising they end up with differnt solutions.

Does anyone here really believe that linux would be just as succesfull with the geek/nerd crowd if it was super simple to use. Like it or not many people take pleasure in mastering a difficult interface for even a minor or hypothetical increase in power. Once we realize that the 'power user' is more about the interface asthetics than actual power hopefully it will become clear that opensource software doesn't represent a more powerfull system just waiting for a good user interface. Rather it is charachterized by delibrate design choices to cater to the asthetic sensibilites of the 'power user' (though not perfectly.....and of course there are some attempts to make it usefull for the average joe as well)