Linked by Nicholas Blachford on Wed 11th Aug 2004 07:53 UTC
Editorial Computers are complex systems but it's a mistake to assume they need to be complex to use. However, usability is not as easy as it may first seem. It is a different discipline from software development lacking the strict logic or having a "right way". There are only differing requirements and differing collections of guidelines. Making things easy is difficult.
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Case insensitiveness, how?
by renoX on Wed 11th Aug 2004 15:05 UTC

You said that you want to have a case insensitive (but case preserving) command line, (same as MacOS).

Just keep in mind that it is something complex to do, as case management is complex to do in a multi-language set up: do you consider that é and E are also the same thing?

No, it isn't such a stupid question to ask as if I'm not mistaking in some language the uppercase variant of é is E and some other the uppercase variant of é is É.

I believe that case management depends on the language used, so this gives the problem: how the OS knows the language used for naming the files? Does it depend on the localisation?

If yes, then you may have some script which fails depending on the user localisation!

'case insentiveness' must be possible as MacOS has done it, but it is *not* simple!