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Editorial Computers are complex systems but it's a mistake to assume they need to be complex to use. However, usability is not as easy as it may first seem. It is a different discipline from software development lacking the strict logic or having a "right way". There are only differing requirements and differing collections of guidelines. Making things easy is difficult.
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RE: DLL hell
by Yamin on Thu 12th Aug 2004 05:06 UTC

Jeff, the porblem with using things like version support numbers is precisely how would the DLL know it broke compatibility. It would require too much coordination between apps and DLLs. In an ideal world, the contract (function, API) would remain good and DLLs would not break. The developers of a DLL might think they have maintained compatibility, but they don't know of application X which does something weird they didn't take into account.

Without a big registry, the best solution is that used by windows. A common set of system DLLs. Everythign else is provided by the app.