Linked by Eugenia Loli on Thu 5th Aug 2004 18:31 UTC, submitted by Robert Blake
SGI and IRIX SGI has released IRIX 6.5.25 to individuals/companies with a support contract, 6.5.22m overlays are avaliable to all supportfolio members. In a few days the release notes will appear here.
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Yes, but...
by dpi on Sat 14th Aug 2004 18:51 UTC

There are still some things you cannot do on a PC which you can on an Onyx. There are proprietary IRIX applications from 3rd parties (think about CAD) which aren't ported over and it Just Works (tm) for the users. 64-bit Linux cannot and will not be the replacement for all SGI's MIPS and IRIX computers in the short and middle timespan. Maybe in the longterm, eventually. So, just like other platforms like Atari and Amiga, SGI's MIPS and IRIX are here to stay, for now. Although it'll be a niche market -- more niche than Altrix.

As for 6.5.22m in Supportfolio, i'm looking forward to pick it up. I've been trying to get my hands on a CD set of 6.5.22f+ the past months on eBay without succes. I've bidded for as much as 50-70 EUR and i still haven't won because there's always people who seem to pay more in the end of the auction and quite frankly it ain't worth 90+ EUR for me. But the latest maintenance version on Supportfolio has been 6.5.20m, not 6.5.21m. Strange that they skipped 6.5.21m and now suddenly 6.5.22m is there.

Anyway, time for a visit to