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Editorial Lately posted on Slashdot, an article written by Joel Spolsky mentioned the trouble through which Microsoft went to make each version of Windows backwards compatible. In one case, for the game Simcity, they even changed the way memory handling was done when running that application. You can find additional stories of software tricks that recent versions of Windows have to perform in order to run these bug-dependant applications on the web. After reading the story, I discussed with a couple of friends how weird this was and how Free Software completely avoids this problem.
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RE: Pointing fingers to the right people
by mystilleef on Fri 20th Aug 2004 04:58 UTC

I think you've got your history and facts upside down. Linux was designed to emulate Unix after the frustration of having to deal with proprietary bullsh!t that UNIX was buried under and the expensive hardware that accompanied it.

Even though Linux' humble beginning was on a single x86 CPU, to say that it was designed for single CPU with no networking contradicts the whole purpose of emulating Unix(the backbone of networking) and the POSIX standard(the standard Linux was designed to adhere to). Get your facts straight!

Backward compatibility is as silly as it is broken. It was introduced by Microsoft in an attempt to pacify commercial developers who were frustrated by the way earlier Microsoft operating systems broke their products That is why Windows comes with the kludge we know it to be today. If you look closely at your Windows2000/XP Professional systems, you'd find Windows95 files, dos files and even games hidden around your system files. The 3D pinball game anyone?

Mind you these files aren't needed by Windows2000/XP. There are just their for decorative purposes, I'd like to believe. The remnants of...uh...huh, that's right, backward compatibility! You say Linux developers lack focus. I'd like to know in your opinion which developers have focus, Microsoft's?

The only people I see voraciously whining are commercial proprietary vendors with fragile software who can't keep up with the pace open/free software evolves. All of a sudden, free/open software developers need to freeze the sun, the moon and time so that commercial proprietary vendors can catch up. We can only dream.

Heck the king of backward compatibility, Microsoft, break compatibility themselves. Try opening your Word97 files in OfficeXP/2003. You can't. You'd have to use to do that. So much for backward compatibility. There are issues plaguing Linux today, backward compatibility is the least of them. Proprietary vendors need to develop a different strategy for developing products for Linux quite different from Windows. That's just it.

Much of the Linux community have no interests in proprietary politics. Microsoft does. The Linux community's slogan is, "Show us the code!" as opposed to "Show me the money!" Even Real Networks is beginning to come to terms with that. Others will learn and follow suit.