Linked by Stefan Michalowski, M. Sc. on Thu 19th Aug 2004 08:27 UTC
Editorial Lately posted on Slashdot, an article written by Joel Spolsky mentioned the trouble through which Microsoft went to make each version of Windows backwards compatible. In one case, for the game Simcity, they even changed the way memory handling was done when running that application. You can find additional stories of software tricks that recent versions of Windows have to perform in order to run these bug-dependant applications on the web. After reading the story, I discussed with a couple of friends how weird this was and how Free Software completely avoids this problem.
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I wonder...
by Kalle Vahlman on Fri 20th Aug 2004 11:33 UTC

...if anyone really had an binary compatibility problem within their STABLE distribution?

I mean, it's pointless to complain to the car factory about a nameless car part not fitting in your Mercedes, since it's not their job to make it fit. Why should distro's do so?

Don't get me wrong, it would be great if any given software would run on any given platform, but that's not possible. Ever.

The thing that pisses me off is not that some fooprogram doesn't run on barplatform (without compatibility measures like old libs), it's the people who use programs (developed by sheer good will) for free and dare to complain when progress happens and something breaks as a result.

Use the stable releases, or face the fact that YOU may have to make the thing work properly.

Please respect the voluntary work of others.