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OS/2 and eComStation OSNews reader Prognathous writes: "Well, actually it was released earlier this year, but I couldn't find any references in your news section, so it's about time. The only problem is that other than in usenet, details are scant and the official release was very subdued (search the page for "4.52")." This release is only available to IBM's active software subscription customers of OS/2 Warp 4 and it does seem to be a service pack ("Convenience Package" as IBM calls it). IBM does not intend to provide any additional convenience packages in the future.
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by Dano on Mon 29th Jul 2002 03:58 UTC

When is IBM going to open source OS/2? If only the WIN-OS/2 code could be open-sourced...although I don't think this is legally possible. But the rest of the OS could...along with the wonderful built in REXX support and virtual machine support on x86...these could be some useful contributions to other projects...also, OS/2 would show these other projects what TRUE multitasking, memory management and stability really is like.