Linked by Eugenia Loli on Wed 1st Sep 2004 19:01 UTC, submitted by Michael Saunders
Syllable, AtheOS The August edition of the Syllable Development Newsletter is now available, nutshellising the OS' progress over the last month. Highlights include a website redesign, driver updates and VMware images. Additionally, has assembled a superb slideshow running through Syllable's new desktop and apps.
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RE: Does it also run in other VMs?
by Vanders on Wed 1st Sep 2004 20:14 UTC

Syllable will run on Bochs very, very slowly. From the Qemu mailing lists I can see that some users have successfully installed and booted Syllable on the latest releases of Qemu. Syllable is known to work well on Virtual PC (Tested on Virtual PC 5.2 on Windows 2000) and if you want to run Syllable on VMWare a pre-built disk image is available and Syllable supports accelerated rendering for VMWare. The rest of the VMWare hardware is supported by the standard Syllable drivers.