Linked by Eugenia Loli on Wed 1st Sep 2004 19:01 UTC, submitted by Michael Saunders
Syllable, AtheOS The August edition of the Syllable Development Newsletter is now available, nutshellising the OS' progress over the last month. Highlights include a website redesign, driver updates and VMware images. Additionally, has assembled a superb slideshow running through Syllable's new desktop and apps.
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Linux as a desktop OS is a dead end
by Luke McCarthy on Wed 1st Sep 2004 22:36 UTC

This is interesting, seems to be a common line of thinking among the BeOS crowd. Is it because of X Windows or of the kernel, itself?

The idea that you can put an interface layer above the gas refinery, and the foul-smelling problems beneath it will never percolate to the surface is just that -- an idea -- a seductive one without foundation in observed behavior.
--Jean-Louis Gassee

That pretty much sums it up.