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Syllable, AtheOS The August edition of the Syllable Development Newsletter is now available, nutshellising the OS' progress over the last month. Highlights include a website redesign, driver updates and VMware images. Additionally, has assembled a superb slideshow running through Syllable's new desktop and apps.
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@Jonathan Thompson
by tqh on Thu 2nd Sep 2004 09:06 UTC

>Thus, probably the fastest port would be to port the BeOS FireFox version.

I'm not sure it would be the best way to go though.

NSPR is better to do an Syllable implementation from scratch, although looking at the BeOS port might answer some questions. Library loading under BeOS for instance is done in a way that we hopefully never have to do with Haiku. (Creating stubs of libraries that links to the original libraries and loading the stubs. This is due to some memory issues/limits under BeOS). The NSPR havn't seen many updates since it was first ported.

The Widget/Gfx code in BeOS has some flaws and is probably not that good to base a Firefox port on. It has been around since the first try at doing a BeOS port and some choices are suboptimal today. We have much code in nsWindow that probably should be in nsWidget, also nsWindows is seperated from native windows making locking quite cumbersome.