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OS/2 and eComStation OSNews reader Prognathous writes: "Well, actually it was released earlier this year, but I couldn't find any references in your news section, so it's about time. The only problem is that other than in usenet, details are scant and the official release was very subdued (search the page for "4.52")." This release is only available to IBM's active software subscription customers of OS/2 Warp 4 and it does seem to be a service pack ("Convenience Package" as IBM calls it). IBM does not intend to provide any additional convenience packages in the future.
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by Dano on Tue 30th Jul 2002 06:42 UTC

>>also, OS/2 would show these other projects what TRUE multitasking, memory management and stability really is like.

>>Apparently, most OSS projects now what is multitasking, memory management and stablity really is like. Heck, Linux and BSD have better multitasking, memory management and stablity.


You always paraphrase other peoples threads without really writing some solid theory yourself. My question to you is have you ever used OS/2? Other x86 OS's can not touch a candle to OS2 in these areas due to the tuned, non-portable x86 assembly code directly used to write the OS. How do Linux and BSD have better multitasking, memory management and stability than OS/2? OS/2 will run rings around these two on x86 in these areas. Not only is the multitasking way more responsive, but in Warp its sheduled properly. As for memory management, OS/2 sessons are virtual machines that are totally isolated from each other. As for stability, OS/2 was the benchmark before anyone ever realized it. It still is used in Banks, Manufacturing, ATM Machines and other applications where mission critical was required. The VM sessions in OS/2 make it impossible for code to bring the system down. Warp is a magnitude higher in crash protection due to bad drivers than Windows NT 4.0. I would put Warp 4 up against an OS in these departments. Maybe you should re-load a copy of Warp on your machine before you make these baseless judgements, even though I also use x86 Linux on a daily basis.