Linked by Eugenia Loli on Thu 9th Sep 2004 17:49 UTC
Original OSNews Interviews Today, we feature an interview with the CEO and co-founder of Fluendo, Julien Moutte, discussing their upcoming products and services based on Ogg/Theora. Also, make sure you check the live camera at Fluendo's offices, served by GStreamer's engine.
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by opa on Fri 10th Sep 2004 04:42 UTC

"Second, our Advanced Streaming Server will add support for proprietary and patent-encumbered codecs"

I think that is a shame. Look, I accept a business has to make money, and appreciate that they are releasing a GPL version. However, to see them at the same time aiding the propogation of proprietary formats is disappointing, especially considering some of the more prominent members in the free software community are behind the company.

Looking at the stream with Helix Player, it appears Theora is just as good, if not better, than any other existing format. We all know Vorbis is also very good, so why free software need to propagate lesser formats; this isn't 1998. I can't help but feel Theora won't get the push it needs and be overshadowed as a result; it would be great to instead see someone really pushing Theora as a format, and focussing on providing a free player and a streaming server on as many platforms as possible, providing support to those that need it for a fee. Perhaps saturation for Theora could be achieved through bundling a plug-in with other prominent free software projects, such as Mozilla, to work on the various platforms they do.