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Original OSNews Interviews Today, we feature an interview with the CEO and co-founder of Fluendo, Julien Moutte, discussing their upcoming products and services based on Ogg/Theora. Also, make sure you check the live camera at Fluendo's offices, served by GStreamer's engine.
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first: this is one of the most important projects for free media producers around the world, we stand up and hold our thumps up, thank you!!! We are longing for flowmotion like a virgin for her lover... ;) no, we produce serious media, no porn, anyway, we need this urgnetly. Real is a PITA, especially the overbloated player, and of course we are small and are always on extreme low budget. MPEG4 and licensing fess... no way, this would kill us. So free media is only possible with free software!

Only thing I donīt like: Java really sucks... we are still working on some old laptops sometimes and I HATE to have a 30MB process that makes the machine groan... please donīt forget there are still lot of people that can not buy newest p4 and 1 gig of ram. An optimized plugin for browser would be great, of course I donīt really know how fast and slim java can get...

Thanks for your comittment to free the world ;) (itīs a REAL issue and we gotta solve it!)

Mr. Not Important