Linked by Eugenia Loli on Sat 11th Sep 2004 21:54 UTC
Syllable, AtheOS Exciting updates for the Syllable OS: an updated port of the X11 "nv" driver for Nvidia cards and an SDL port that would guarantee a good number of game ports.
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by Michael Saunders on Sun 12th Sep 2004 10:16 UTC

As Vanders says, the text-based SDL port is more of a demo than anything else -- it's too difficult to see what's going on in most apps. (That said, the Game Boy emulator rocks because GBs are low-res anyway!).

This is news because it shows that SDL does compile and run cleanly on Syllable, albeit without all the bells and whistles. David and I have been looking into the feasibility of native graphics; this could be a while off though (so much other stuff to do).

This'll be a very busy month for Syllable, and at the start of October all the details will be in the newsletter: