Linked by Christian Paratschek on Mon 13th Sep 2004 19:48 UTC
Fedora Core This article is kind of a follow-up to my first Fedora Core 2 review, published on OSNews in May. Most of the reviews are published shortly after the release of a distribution, and there's always someone who complains that one cannot really "review" a distribution after only a few days of actually working with it.
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by Anonymous on Mon 13th Sep 2004 21:05 UTC

I was never entirely convinced that a six month release cycle is such a good idea for a project that is attempting to do so much. Every single release so far has had so many *obvious* flaws, that I find it mind-boggling that they made it into the releases.

One can always hope that things continue to improve to the point that such issues no longer come up, but like all things, we'll have to wait and see.