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Fedora Core This article is kind of a follow-up to my first Fedora Core 2 review, published on OSNews in May. Most of the reviews are published shortly after the release of a distribution, and there's always someone who complains that one cannot really "review" a distribution after only a few days of actually working with it.
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Desktop as the default file location
by Uno Engborg on Tue 14th Sep 2004 00:15 UTC

is probably not a good idea. I agree with the auther that it should be easy for the user to see and find his files, but puting them on the desktop doesn't accomplish that as it usually is covered by other windows.

But there is a need to get a single directory for user created files. This should ideally be present on the desktop, and perhaps in some menu or panel, so that it could be opened in a new window on top of application windows. This would actually be very similar to the home folder in Gnome 2.6. Now, if it is so similar, why doesn't the home folder cut it?

1) The home folder of today appears on the desktop even though, the desktop actualy is contained in the home folder.
This may confuse a user that opens the home folder with nautilus in browser mode and presses the up button and then expect to end up on the desktop.

2) The home folder contains lots of stuff that the user creates without knowing it. I'm thinking of visible preferences files, mailboxes only intended to be opened from inside a mail program,..

3) The home directory concept is not very good for new users since it comes from the domain of computers and not from everyday life.

4) It is hard to find a suitable icon for the home directory since "home directory" doesn't translate to things that could be associated with houses in all languages.

So the best thing would probably to remove the home directory icon from the desktop, and replace it with a "My documents" folder instead (in the right place of the directory hirarchy). This folder should be used as default download folder and give the user a natural place to store his documents.