Linked by Christian Paratschek on Mon 13th Sep 2004 19:48 UTC
Fedora Core This article is kind of a follow-up to my first Fedora Core 2 review, published on OSNews in May. Most of the reviews are published shortly after the release of a distribution, and there's always someone who complains that one cannot really "review" a distribution after only a few days of actually working with it.
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FC is nice!
by henk on Tue 14th Sep 2004 06:44 UTC

I use FC 2 both personal and at my work. With yum, i found it a very good OS, really easy to install software. And yes I can compile software, but I don't have the time to compile everything (it seems gentoo users do have that time). I also
NEVER had crashes, do I have to say rock stable? ;)

I hardly can't wait for the FC 3 release.