Linked by Christian Paratschek on Mon 13th Sep 2004 19:48 UTC
Fedora Core This article is kind of a follow-up to my first Fedora Core 2 review, published on OSNews in May. Most of the reviews are published shortly after the release of a distribution, and there's always someone who complains that one cannot really "review" a distribution after only a few days of actually working with it.
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Re: Yet another pissing contest...
by Devon on Tue 14th Sep 2004 10:22 UTC

"I'd also like to mention a lot of the problems you highlighted are fedora related and not common to all distros. In fact the only upstream bug I see that affects gentoo is the gnome pdf issue."

And besides, even if Gentoo has the same problem as Fedora, does that mean its ok for Fedora to have it?

Oh, and Christian: I think you very much overstate the importance of Red Hat and its distros to the health of Linux. Even if they are so important however, shouldn't they therefor be held to a higher standard? Certainly higher then the "insignificant" Gentoo. ;)