Linked by Eugenia Loli on Sun 19th Sep 2004 09:23 UTC
Internet & Networking A few days ago we read about the Deli Linux, which aims to fill-in the gap of Linux distros in the 486/586 machine range by running lightweight/older applications. The disto comes with Dillo and Links as its browsers, but I bet there aren't many people who know that there is yet another very lightweight browser for GTK+ 1.2.x and it is more powerful and more memory-optimized than Dillo: Access' NetFront. Check for info and screenshots inside.
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RE: Not so good
by Eugenia on Sun 19th Sep 2004 10:25 UTC

I just tested NetFront with Reuters too. NetFront renders it great! Dillo is a disaster with it.

You must understand what we are talking about here: we are talking about a lightweight browser. We are not talking an IE or Safari or Mozilla contender. We are NOT expecting NetFront to do perfect rendering AND be lightweight. It is impossible to do both. But for what it really is, a [mobile] lightweight X11 solution, it is the best offering today. It blows Dillo away on every account.