Linked by Eugenia Loli on Sun 19th Sep 2004 09:23 UTC
Internet & Networking A few days ago we read about the Deli Linux, which aims to fill-in the gap of Linux distros in the 486/586 machine range by running lightweight/older applications. The disto comes with Dillo and Links as its browsers, but I bet there aren't many people who know that there is yet another very lightweight browser for GTK+ 1.2.x and it is more powerful and more memory-optimized than Dillo: Access' NetFront. Check for info and screenshots inside.
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by Eugenia on Sun 19th Sep 2004 11:49 UTC

>I'm sorry, but that last thing is just bollocks

I don't speak bollocks Mr.

> and I've never seen the need to put closing tags out of order

Forms. Here's a scenario:
You have a table cell, you got a lot of things in there, then you open a form, you add some widgets. If you close the form inside the cell, you WILL get about 10 pixels of empty space by IE. Most of the time, that extra 10 dead pixels destroy the whole design, so the workaround is to close the form after the </td>. This way, IE doesn't create the dead space. This hack is around and about on the net, since 1997. It is widely used on many sites.

Now, if you do the above, Dillo never closes the </td> (because it expects the </form> to get closed instead), and so the whole page becomes terrible-looking, because cells are not closed as far as the browser is considered, even if the closing tags are there.