Linked by Eugenia Loli on Sun 19th Sep 2004 09:23 UTC
Internet & Networking A few days ago we read about the Deli Linux, which aims to fill-in the gap of Linux distros in the 486/586 machine range by running lightweight/older applications. The disto comes with Dillo and Links as its browsers, but I bet there aren't many people who know that there is yet another very lightweight browser for GTK+ 1.2.x and it is more powerful and more memory-optimized than Dillo: Access' NetFront. Check for info and screenshots inside.
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Doesn't matter for some...
by dpi on Mon 20th Sep 2004 01:54 UTC

Links2, Dillo and W3m all work fine if you're just searching or information instead of gaining some visually awesome website. I use GUI browsers for their added and addable extensions but you must understand some people just don't care how a website looks like. If you care for information (text, video, pictures) a text-browser or simple-GUI browser just works fine. Not everyone uses primarily their senses on the Internet. Hence, for some and/or in situations webbrowsers such as Links2, Dillo, W3m or even (yes) Lynx work fine!

The freeware vs FOSS argument also has some major influence on some. I don't really care for it that much here, but since the software is practically not portable this browser runs on a lot less platforms than existing. The power to port lies at a small minority. I'm actually interested in running this on non-x86 Unices! I mean, try Mozilla on an older MIPS or SPARC. Its just a 'bit' too slow and i'm not always on information-mode.