Linked by Eugenia Loli on Sun 19th Sep 2004 09:23 UTC
Internet & Networking A few days ago we read about the Deli Linux, which aims to fill-in the gap of Linux distros in the 486/586 machine range by running lightweight/older applications. The disto comes with Dillo and Links as its browsers, but I bet there aren't many people who know that there is yet another very lightweight browser for GTK+ 1.2.x and it is more powerful and more memory-optimized than Dillo: Access' NetFront. Check for info and screenshots inside.
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Only 15 bit screens and more
by B. Welmers on Mon 20th Sep 2004 20:09 UTC

Seems to be a good browser when I tried it on my modern system. The footprint seems to a bit more then Dillo, but can't determine well because of the funky themes i'm running on GTK.
I wanted to try this program on my old laptop (486 33MHz with 12MB RAM) it complains about a 8 bit video mode not being supported and just quits. That's really disappointing. (and closed-source so you can't bypass the check just to look wether it works or not)
BTW: dillo, sylpheed and abiword works quite well on the old laptop