Linked by Christian Paratschek on Thu 23rd Sep 2004 05:59 UTC
Editorial After reading Adam Scheinberg's original article "The Paradox of Choice" and Kevin Russo's response, I want to add my personal comments to this discussion. I will quote Adam and Russo several times and pick up their arguments.
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Re: drsmithy
by Troels on Thu 23rd Sep 2004 13:55 UTC

IE renders every page I've ever seen fine.

But i would dare say that this is only because people actually test their stuff on it and make it work. In my personal experience, the most annoying browser to develop for these days is IE, while (the subset that i use of the) standards compliant things seems to just work on gecko and khtml browsers.

So yes, IE renders all pages just fine, but that says absolutely nothing about the quality of IE. The users might not care about why things works, but i really find it silly that developers have to spend time working around bugs instead of doing more productive things.