Linked by Christian Paratschek on Thu 23rd Sep 2004 05:59 UTC
Editorial After reading Adam Scheinberg's original article "The Paradox of Choice" and Kevin Russo's response, I want to add my personal comments to this discussion. I will quote Adam and Russo several times and pick up their arguments.
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@ Thom Holwerda
by Mathman on Thu 23rd Sep 2004 16:02 UTC

Let me count: I had (it's BeOS only for a while now) one machine running windows, my parents have three, my brother has one, and if I add up my friends' computers which I use and know they aren't firewalled/AVd... I get like 20 Windows machines who never ever had any security problems, are connected to the net, and experienced re-installs, and don't use AV/Firewall.

So you're the reason I get so much spam!

Seriously though, without a virus scanner, how would you know you've never had any viruses? Being as how your machines have been on the internet for so long without any protection, I kinda wonder what will happen if you do scan them with a virus scanner. I'd imagine a few things would pop up. Heh, and man, I can just imagine all the spyware!

But even if your machines are still clean to this day, with all the free antivirus apps out there, why take the chance? When you're so careless and do get a virus you're just making the internet worse for everyone else in the world.