Linked by Christian Paratschek on Thu 23rd Sep 2004 05:59 UTC
Editorial After reading Adam Scheinberg's original article "The Paradox of Choice" and Kevin Russo's response, I want to add my personal comments to this discussion. I will quote Adam and Russo several times and pick up their arguments.
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by Anonymous on Thu 23rd Sep 2004 16:51 UTC

I want a Linux distro that will work out the box for my laptop. An IBM T42p laptop.

Let's take a look:

Fedora Core 2: First, screws up hard drive geometry, leaving Windows unbootable (thanks). Second, speed-step does not work. It's not very nice to use a laptop at full power all the time. This almost halves the battery life. Also, no driver supports the Mobility Fire GL 128MB video card. It hangs trying to awaken from suspend to disk. Modem driver is not available, have to have it locked at 14.4kbps per second , or pay for a driver. ACPI must be manually configured. Have to install three modules to get wireless to (maybe) work. Thinkpad buttons don't work. Bluetooth doesn't work.

RHE WS 3.0: Guess what? The EXACT same problems.

Debian 3.0: Exact same probles.

Knoppix: Same problems, and the advantage of having to fix them every time I turn my computer back on.

There are zero easy to use, freely available Linux distros that work well on this laptop. Hip hip hooray for the folks who can say "Linux just works" with a straight face.