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Editorial After reading Adam Scheinberg's original article "The Paradox of Choice" and Kevin Russo's response, I want to add my personal comments to this discussion. I will quote Adam and Russo several times and pick up their arguments.
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Re: drynwhyl
by Darius on Fri 24th Sep 2004 16:11 UTC

Requiereing companies investing so much and doing so much for the Linux Desktop to close completely down, defect to next bigger competition and to stifle their own ideas for some never to be achieved "higher goals" must be some of the most unworldly "rejoice and unite, comrades" leftist crap ever to be written on the OSNEWS boards.

Please. If you have two distros that are offering the same desktop enviroment(s), the same applications, and the same (or very similar) package manager, you have two distros that are duplicating each other's efforts.
If you've got something really innovative in your distro that clearly seperates it from all the others, then more power to you. But if the only difference between your distro and somebody else's is the version of emacs you're including, perhaps it's time for one of you to give it up.