Linked by Olivier Fourdan on Mon 27th Sep 2004 04:35 UTC
Xfce This summer, in the beginning of August, HP has released a new Linux based thin client. Unlike the other models from the "t5000" line of HP thin clients which use Microsoft Windows CE as their embedded operating system, the "t5515" is based on the Linux operating system. This is also, to my knowledged, the first device that is using Xfce for its graphical user interface.
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There are, and also include powerpc, arm and the like.
You'll want to search for single intergrated motherboards for industral use. They're usually just development boards for commecial use.

If you're planning on creating your own thin client, you may want to check out the mini-itx boards (mostly based on via's C3 x86 CPU; fanless), etc will give you ideas of what you can do with them. You can flash the BIOS with a Linux BIOS on these too.