Linked by Olivier Fourdan on Mon 27th Sep 2004 04:35 UTC
Xfce This summer, in the beginning of August, HP has released a new Linux based thin client. Unlike the other models from the "t5000" line of HP thin clients which use Microsoft Windows CE as their embedded operating system, the "t5515" is based on the Linux operating system. This is also, to my knowledged, the first device that is using Xfce for its graphical user interface.
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RE: two things
by directhex on Mon 27th Sep 2004 11:53 UTC

another thing, I've tried the first release of xfce4 is there a way now to remove the upper taskbar and use only the lil'iconbox? :-P

if your distribution uses the Session Manager (e.g. you log in using GDM on Debian 3.1), then right-click on the session manager system tray icon (you may need to enable the tray icon via the xfce settings screen), Session Control, and kill xftaskbar. then save the session, with xftaskbar extinct and xfce4-iconbox living.

otherwise, look into the starxfce4 script, and more specifically the programs it loads using xinitrc