Linked by Olivier Fourdan on Mon 27th Sep 2004 04:35 UTC
Xfce This summer, in the beginning of August, HP has released a new Linux based thin client. Unlike the other models from the "t5000" line of HP thin clients which use Microsoft Windows CE as their embedded operating system, the "t5515" is based on the Linux operating system. This is also, to my knowledged, the first device that is using Xfce for its graphical user interface.
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He has a point.
by jofas on Mon 27th Sep 2004 19:52 UTC

> So you review a thin client, yet you don't have access to a
> server. Well, "In my experience this is faster than vnc" is
> almost as good as actually trying the thing out.

>>Did you read the review at least? I did the review with a >>VNC server, not everybody use/need/have/can afford a Windows >>Terminal Server.
>>No windows terminal server doesn't mean no server.

No offense, but this person has a point. Why would you review a thin client without a terminal server of some kind? That's the whole idea behind thin clients.

VNC isn't a real-world test, because no one uses VNC with thin clients in a real-world production environment; very poor performance and... only ONE connection at a time allowed per server! How would that work in an office of 50 people?

Not having a *windows* terminal server is no excuse. nothing simpler in the world to set up and it's free.

I don't mean to flame things up here, but if you don't know what to do with a thin client, do the research or drop the review.