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Oracle and SUN Solaris Kernel Developer Eric Schrock is bloging more about the Solaris vs. Linux issue and linux kernel moneky Greg is answering on his blog. More here. Elsewhere, Sun is looking into making OOo's XML format an ISO standard and at license options toward opening the Java source code; here are more thoughts on those, by engineer JBQ.
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OOs's XML format an ISO standard ...
by Paul on Mon 27th Sep 2004 21:50 UTC

JBQ writes:
I have the feeling that this is another "feel-good" attempt by Sun, but that in that case there's a very definite risk of a negative impact. I would very much rather have Sun distribute the source under a "no redistribution" license, along with a program that allows people or organizations to create custom versions for internal use and to submit changes back to Sun which would then consider them for inclusion in the official version of Java.

But, the article states:
The next step happened in mid-July when the EC wrote a formal letter to the participants in the March meeting (Sun and Microsoft), informing them of the outcome and highlighting a couple of key points. Jonathan, made two specific requests:

That we consider taking the Open Office XML Format, currently under construction at OASIS, to ISO for consideration as an International Standard.

Is it me, or doesn't it seem like JBQ jumped the gun? Seems to me, and I read this elsewhere, that Sun was ASKED to do this, not that they went out and did it as a PR stunt.