Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 27th Sep 2004 21:04 UTC
Oracle and SUN Solaris Kernel Developer Eric Schrock is bloging more about the Solaris vs. Linux issue and linux kernel moneky Greg is answering on his blog. More here. Elsewhere, Sun is looking into making OOo's XML format an ISO standard and at license options toward opening the Java source code; here are more thoughts on those, by engineer JBQ.
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Good comparisons
by Someone on Tue 28th Sep 2004 00:50 UTC

I think the points raised by both sides of this discussion were great. Its not like we see many constructive articles or comments comparing the two OSs.

I should think it is obvious to those who read the article that Linux and Solaris aren't really targetted at the same market. Solaris is very much a commercial OS with all the certification, reliability etc benefits. As such its aimed at the mid-range to high end. It has a target market that it services more than adequately. Linux is pretty much for all comers. High end, low end, midrange, embedded, clustered and even obsolete.

At least they were civil and on topic as they agreed to disagree.

Thanks Eugenia. I'm glad you linked to this. I wish we could similar discussions of Java vs .Net.