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Original OSNews Interviews Imendio, based in Sweden, provides services in application and platform development based for Gnome/GTK+ on Linux, *BSD and UNIX based systems. Today, we interview its founder, Mikael Hallendal (also known in the Gnome developer community as the author of Gossip, Blam! and DevHelp applications) about the business of Imendio, the challenges GTK+ poses and more.
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First, I'm not the one to get credit for Jamboree, it's being developed by Richard Hult. If I remember correctly it was started during the time when Rhythmbox was pretty much unmaintained and idle, and as Lovechild mentions, it was also started to try to get the song list faster than it was in Rhythmbox.

It's a completely different codebase than Rhythmbox and since it's as mature as it is and both me and Richard uses it, it makes sense to use it to just add the stuff that we want in a music player.