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Original OSNews Interviews Imendio, based in Sweden, provides services in application and platform development based for Gnome/GTK+ on Linux, *BSD and UNIX based systems. Today, we interview its founder, Mikael Hallendal (also known in the Gnome developer community as the author of Gossip, Blam! and DevHelp applications) about the business of Imendio, the challenges GTK+ poses and more.
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RE: High Level integration
by Mystilleef on Wed 29th Sep 2004 00:25 UTC


That's silly. In GNOME today, there are more applications written in Python + GTK than there are in Java and C#. Static vs Dynamic typing is a retarded argument with regards to application development.

If anything Python's dynamic typing gives its users a higher level of productivity and RAD and prototyping over other higher level languages like C# and Java. I see Python becoming the de facto higher level language in GNOME.

Python's advantage over Java and C# are as follows:
1). It's less verbose
2). It doesn't get in your way
3). Can be used for scripting
4). Can be used as an object oriented language
5). Can be used as a functional language
6). Can be used as a procedurial language
7). Can be used as an aspect oriented language
8). Doesn't force users into any paradigm of software methodology.
9). Dynamic typing -- boosts productivity exponentially
9). Unbelievable amount of built-in and 3rd party libraries.
11). Developed by a community of open source hackers with visibly no socio-political/economic/corporate agenda. i.e Hackers determine what goes in and out of the language, not some markerting manager at SUN or Microsoft.
12). Integrates powerfully with C(import for GNOME) and C++. Python modules can be written in C/C++.

As you can see, it fits perfectly into GNOME as a higher level language, and that's why it's the most popular language on that platform, second only to C.

And to the person who said, python-gnome doesn't have a maintainer, that's incorrect. Its maintainer was on the desktop developer mailing list just yesterday.