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Original OSNews Interviews Imendio, based in Sweden, provides services in application and platform development based for Gnome/GTK+ on Linux, *BSD and UNIX based systems. Today, we interview its founder, Mikael Hallendal (also known in the Gnome developer community as the author of Gossip, Blam! and DevHelp applications) about the business of Imendio, the challenges GTK+ poses and more.
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RE: High Level Integration
by Lumbergh on Wed 29th Sep 2004 01:58 UTC

Once again, if you had bothered to read the actual link then you would have seen that it was Havoc Pennington that was "considering" C#/C++/Java a systems language as Python as a application-level/scripting language.

By the way I was programming on linux professionally (, when you were probably still in junior high (noticing your .edu ip).

The G in Gnome might stand for GNU, but your dear leader comrade stallman doesn't have any say in what goes on in Gnome. RedHat has more pull than anybody else. Maybe you need to reread the mailing lists and other sources (including this actual interview) to see how popular Mono is with gtk+/gnome developers.

It will be a cold weekend in hell before either replace C as core system components in GNOME.

Once again, Havoc Pennington has stated that if Sun would tweak the license then Java would most likely be adopted as an official Gnome language...not a "cold day in hell".

I'm being realistic, you on the other hand are just wishfully thinking.

Haha, I could care less what Gnome does or doesn't do.