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Original OSNews Interviews Imendio, based in Sweden, provides services in application and platform development based for Gnome/GTK+ on Linux, *BSD and UNIX based systems. Today, we interview its founder, Mikael Hallendal (also known in the Gnome developer community as the author of Gossip, Blam! and DevHelp applications) about the business of Imendio, the challenges GTK+ poses and more.
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by Mystilleef on Wed 29th Sep 2004 04:51 UTC

I hope it is evident to our readers why you should be ignored, and why I did so yesterday.

1). We are discussing programming languages and environments for GNOME.
2). You are a .NET apologist.
3). You have no concepts, regards, or respect for GNOME, it's philosophies, it's politics, therefore you can't get why Java and Mono can't be a part of GNOME through your thick skull.
4). Following 3, your opinions are futile, meaningless and impratical.
5). Mono is a crossplatform .NET. It's purpose is to emulate/replace .NET in the free software world, not satisfy your repugnant obsession with it.
5). Python is not just a scripting languages, and I narrated why it is a better fit in GNOME than Java and C#.
6). You derserve to be ignored once again, like I did yesterday.
7). You will be ignored henceforth in this thread.

If you don't give a damn about GNOME, why the hell do you waste other people's time?