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Original OSNews Interviews Imendio, based in Sweden, provides services in application and platform development based for Gnome/GTK+ on Linux, *BSD and UNIX based systems. Today, we interview its founder, Mikael Hallendal (also known in the Gnome developer community as the author of Gossip, Blam! and DevHelp applications) about the business of Imendio, the challenges GTK+ poses and more.
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@Mikael Hallendal
by Lumbergh on Wed 29th Sep 2004 19:42 UTC

I think Python is a nice language (I've got Komodo open right now).

This doesn't have anything to do with Java or C# though. To me they serve different purposes and I would like both.

Exactly right. Python is something to fullfill the small application/applet level programming while C# and Java are systems level programming languages. The great thing about Mono is that in theory (not sure if IronPython runs on top of Mono yet) is that you could run Java, C#, and Python on top of it.