Linked by Olivier Fourdan on Mon 27th Sep 2004 04:35 UTC
Xfce This summer, in the beginning of August, HP has released a new Linux based thin client. Unlike the other models from the "t5000" line of HP thin clients which use Microsoft Windows CE as their embedded operating system, the "t5515" is based on the Linux operating system. This is also, to my knowledged, the first device that is using Xfce for its graphical user interface.
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LTSP with XFce
by Ram Sambamurthy on Fri 1st Oct 2004 08:21 UTC

We set up 10 PCs that were destined for scrap, right from 90 MHz Pentiums with 8MB RAM. KDE was too slow; but XFce saved the day and even the users (who are school kids) noticed the difference. I was amazed at how much we could get out of these old machines.
Question for Oliver: has HP contributed the code back for the extra modules. If they haven't, shame on them. If they have, that's great.
No matter what anyone says about XFce, I think it's great. Good job Oliver. Long live XFce.