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Slackware, Slax This is a message from Patrick Volkerding in regards to his thoughts on Gnome and Slackware. It was originally posted on the Dropline Gnome Forum. Editor's note: Pat has made similar comments to me as well regarding Gnome's bugs and maintainance problems.
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Slackware, mmmmmmm, FOREVER!!!
by open4free on Sun 10th Oct 2004 09:05 UTC

It's better to drop the huge troll GNOME.<p>
So, Slackware can release theirs distributions faster than any distributions (i.e. Gentoo).<p>
Inside of my PentiumII 300 MHz / 288 MiB, i've installed gcc-3.3.6-ss, gcc-3.4.3-ss, linux-2.4.28-pre4, linux-2.6.9-rc3, glibc-2.3.3,, icewm-1.2.16, firefox-0.10.1, jikes-1.22, jre-1.4.2_05, etc. and works perfectly.
This machine uptimed more than one month since linux-2.4.26 without crash, xDDD.<p>
I've installed KDE-3.3.0 too, it's very goooooood for my AthlonXP 2200+ machine, xD (i.e. k3b, xxdiff, konqueror, kdeveloper, ...).<p>