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Slackware, Slax This is a message from Patrick Volkerding in regards to his thoughts on Gnome and Slackware. It was originally posted on the Dropline Gnome Forum. Editor's note: Pat has made similar comments to me as well regarding Gnome's bugs and maintainance problems.
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I agree Ubuntu is real piece of art.

Unfortunatelly, I'm sticking with Fedora 3 fore one sole reason. Ubuntu 4.10 is built on xfree (that was due to lack of time, I think they wanted to be synchronized with G2.8) and FC3 is on XOrg 6.8.1. There's just too much difference in display speed for me to use Ubuntu now.

But if
1. Ubuntu 5.10 is built on xorg
2. Still on one cd
3. Without KDE in base install (not that I have something against KDE, [yes, I'm avid Gnome user and don't need KDE] but I still hate telling my friends what to install and what not so that their desktop is as it should be. Ubuntu 4.10 install is wonderfull. It installs complete desktop just as it is to be. Knowing people when provided two chances, they always click both and that only leads to mess. This is the reason why I would like for KDE to stay in apt)

I'm switching with no remorse, which will means that all my friends that used FC now because of my help will have to switch too or not depend on me anymore (I suspect it will be the first, almost everybody tried Ubuntu now and all agreed it is wonderfull).