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Slackware, Slax This is a message from Patrick Volkerding in regards to his thoughts on Gnome and Slackware. It was originally posted on the Dropline Gnome Forum. Editor's note: Pat has made similar comments to me as well regarding Gnome's bugs and maintainance problems.
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RE: Mike
by csabimano on Sun 10th Oct 2004 17:48 UTC

"Slack has always been agnostic about DM/WM. To cut out Gnome is be no longer agnostic, which changes one of slack's selling points."

Well, maybe childish is a strong word. On the other hand, I believe you turn a technical problem into a political problem. Gnome is not being dropped because KDE is better, it is dropped because it needs too much time, while KDE usually builds cleanly. The problem I see with what you propose is this: Pat's reasons for dropping gnome support are technical. It is a technical decision. However, if you drop KDE because you dropped GNOME, that's a political decision. I'm not sure it is prudent to go the Debian way, if you take my meaning.

As someone already said this: if Pat will build KDE anyway, because he uses it, than what's the problem with sharing it?

Also: why not put some pressure on the GNOME project itself to come up with a saner solution? Maybe then, no DE would need to be dropped.

Another solution would be if someone volunteered to do the work. The GNOME guys @freebsd do an excellent work, but it is not a 1 man show, it is a team of developers. The fact that they have their own script to upgrade from 2.4 to 2.6 (2.8 is ready since september, but is not included b/c of ports freeze) means that there are some difficulties with gnome install (or in this case, upgrade) process. Or at least that's what I think, and can be wrong of course. (corrections welcome). FreeBSD has 11000+ ports, and I can't think of another port that needs its own script (there can be, I just use some 250+ ports) ... all integrate nicely into cvsup/portupgrade/portinstall method.